A Good Irish Catholic

 "The Irish Blonde"

A  buxom  curvy "pin-up" style girl ; born, raised and educated in beautiful Michigan.  I'm a  gorgeous and generous size 18; a  Rubenesque  woman with long blonde hair, pearly white teeth and  big blue eyes,  I'm cute  with a  slightly dark and immature sense of humor. I am a very private person who enjoys having company as well as savoring alone time. I am a trusted professional  with an immaculate reputation. I manage this by neither allowing reviews nor being involved with provider-hobbyist drama. I consider myself a conservative drug and smoke free divorcee' who spent most her time at home raising six children.

Some of my hobbies include gardening, gourmet cooking, bike riding, bowling, poker games in an intimate setting, craps at the casino, wine tasting, pic-nicking,fine dining, roller coasters,light traveling, language study (Spanish and French mainly) and ballroom dancing.

More About "The Irish Blonde"

I do not consider myself an elite VIP; however, my standards and expectations are high. I expect to meet passionate, kind, descent gentlemen who appreciate a real woman. Everyone has a sensual side that I enjoy discovering. We all have something to give whether it be some humor, charm, a heartfelt hug, a few words of advice, sharing a few intimate experiences together, or just stepping back and taking a moment to get our breath and renew our self-worth and be grateful.
I am not a pretentious woman at all. In fact;  sometimes I am nerdy, emotional and awkwardly nervous. But one thing you will see in me is that I am sincere and honest with a genuine desire to see all the good inside people.

Chemistry, when it occurs, is just wonderful. It can not be bought or faked. Shall we give it try for ourselves?

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 "The Irish Blonde"




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