The Irish Blond's Story

A  buxom  curvy "pin-up" style girl ; born, raised and educated in Michigan.  I'm a  gorgeous and generous size 18; a  Rubenesque  woman with long blonde hair, fair skin, pearly white teeth and big blue eyes . I'm cute  with a  slightly dark and immature sense of humor.  I am a trusted sincere and honest lady with an immaculate reputation. I manage this by neither allowing reviews nor being involved with provider-hobbyist drama. 

More About "The Irish Blonde"

I am a drug free divorcee' and former Educator. 

Some of my hobbies include gardening, gourmet cooking, piano playing, poker games in an intimate setting,  wine tasting, pic-nicking, horror flicks at the theater, fine dining, traveling, volunteer and charity work,  ballroom dancing ,and language study; French,Spanish,German and Arabic.
I love swing style and pop opera music and binging on a good T.V. series.

I do not consider myself an elite VIP. However,  I expect to meet passionate gentlemen who appreciate a real woman with curves.
When we meet, you will see that sometimes I am nerdy, emotional and awkwardly nervous at first. But Best of all, you will discover that I am sincere and honest with every person I meet.

  When chemistry occurs between two people, it is spectacular!  It can not be bought or faked. 

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon,

 "The Irish Blond"


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